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Energy Saving 30% Frequency Conversion Screw Two-stage Compression Screw Air Compressor


Two stage air end

Feature:Two-stage compressor air-end

Advantage:Low compression ratio, Low temperature rising, Low air leakage

Benefit:15% energy-saving

High-efficiency Motor

Feature:IE4 permanent magnet motor/IE4 High-efficiency motor

Advantage:Motor efficiency 97%

Benefit:5% energy-saving

Intelligent control

Feature:VFD system

Advantage:Constant pressure output to remove pressure fluctuation and off-load, Constant temperature output at 9-~85°C, Low starting current to protect components

Benefit:15% energy-saving

Smart display screen

Feature:Intelligent control system 

Advantage:10 inch monitor to show all the date

Benefit:Simple operation and touble free

Cooling fan

Feature:Large cooler system

Advantage:Axial flow Fan used for good cooling effect

Benefit:Allow ambient temperature at 52°C

Systematic Design of Oil separator

Feature:Large oil system

Advantage:Reduce internal pressure loss avoid oil, Leakage for safety

Benefit:3% energy-saving


Feature:Double filtering system 

Advantage:Remove impurity from air and cleanness

Benefit:Longer life air -end and lubrication oil

Air inlet valve

Feature:High vacuum degree:700mmHg

Advantage:Large suction area, Low load energy consumption in unloaded operation, 

Fast check: prevent unloading and shutdown oil injection

Benefit:Cast aluminum to avoid rust and temperature change





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