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How does air compressor carbon deposits form?


If the air compressor is used for a long time, carbon deposits will inevitably occur in the oil circuit and the nose. How does carbon deposits form? How to clean them? Here is the answer for you:

There are four main factors affecting the formation of carbon deposits:

1. Air filtration: The dust particles sucked in by the air thicken the oil and increase the oil oxidation reaction time, thus accelerating the formation of carbon deposits. Therefore, attention must be paid to the correct installation of the air filter element, and it must be replaced when it is found to be damaged during cleaning.

2. Temperature: Obviously, different grades and types of lubricating oils have different starting temperatures for oxidation. Long-term operation of air compressors in high temperature areas will accelerate the oxidation of lubricating oil. For compressors with water coolers, it is recommended to use treated or impurity-removed cooling water to prevent blockage of water channels.

3. Lubricant quality: At present, there are many procurement channels for lubricating oil, and its quality will inevitably be different. Some users adopt alternatives. Carbon deposits in these situations are not uncommon.

4. Lubricating oil overdue use: After the lubricating oil exceeds the prescribed period of use, the use time can be appropriately extended according to the appearance of the lubricating oil. Some users continue to use the lubricating oil after the color of the lubricating oil changes (turns black). In this case, the air compressor will

Carbon and can’t run.


The maintenance and cleaning method for carbon deposits in the oil circuit and the nose. Special cleaning agent (carbon deposition cleaning agent or bearing cleaning agent) can be used for oil circuit and host carbon deposit, and the host can also be cleaned without disassembling. The method is that the small host is directly placed in the container to soak, and the soaking process requires multiple turntables; The main engine can close the outlet pipeline and the oil pipeline and pour it into the cleaning agent to soak. The soaking time is subject to the instructions of the cleaning agent, generally 8-12 hours, some cleaning agents are more corrosive, and the required soaking time should be strictly observed. After soaking, rinse with pressurized water, and then blow with compressed air.

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