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What should be paid attention to in the use of piston oil-free air compressor


1. Due to the high viscosity of lubricating oil, the degreasing equipment cannot completely remove it, so the oil-free gas compressed by the oil-free air compressor is irreplaceable.

2. Dewatering equipment such as refrigerated dryers, non-thermal regenerative dryers, and micro-heat regenerative dryers lose their water removal function due to the oil in the compressed air; clean oil-free gas compressed by an oil-free compressor, Fully protect the water removal equipment and reduce the additional funds required for the maintenance of the water removal equipment.

3. The use of an oil-free air compressor to provide external compressed gas will not greatly reduce the motor load caused by the pressure loss caused by the degreasing equipment, and achieve energy-saving effects; a good quality three-level degreasing agent will generate 1 pressure during use With a loss of 1.2 kilograms, a 7.5 kilowatt air compressor will produce a power loss of 600 watts for every kilogram of pressure. Each working day will pay 6 kilowatt-hours of electricity (for example, 10 hours), which will be a long-term intangible cost.

4. The use of oil pressure air compressor greatly wastes lubricating oil. Taking a 7.5KW high-quality oil pressure air compressor as an example, it consumes at least 5 kilograms of lubricating oil per month and will pay the cost of using 60 kilograms of lubricating oil. One year. At the same time, in order to remove the oil in the compressed gas, a high-efficiency oil filter must be used, and the replacement of the filter element is also a big expense. In summary, taking into account the requirements of enterprise process production requirements, in order to achieve better energy saving and consumption reduction effects and reduce production costs, it is recommended to consider more use of oil-free air compressors.

7 things to pay attention to when using oil-free air compressors daily:

1. The compressor is maintained at least once a quarter. Maintenance includes thoroughly removing dust and dirt on the compressor, checking and tightening the connecting bolts around the compressor, whether the grounding wire is intact, and checking whether the circuit is aging or damaged.

2. The air compressor must be fixed on a ventilated, stable and firm work surface. In order to reduce noise and vibration, a shock absorber is required.

3. The filter medium (foam sponge or felt) in the filter should be cleaned every three months to blow off the dust on the medium. If necessary, wash with water and use again after drying.

4. When the compressor is turned off due to a power failure, in order to prevent the compressor from starting under pressure, when the compressor is turned on, the pressure switch should be closed, the air in the pipeline is emptied, and the compressor is restarted.

5. The user must set the compressor protective grounding wire to ensure good contact between all the metal shells of the compressor and the ground. The grounding resistance should meet the standard.

6. When the compressor finds serious air leakage, abnormal noise and peculiar smell, immediately stop operation, find out the cause of the failure and return to normal before running again.

7. The air compressor is an oil-free air compressor. The friction parts are self-lubricating. Therefore, do not add lubricating oil. Oil-free air compressors are also used for proper use. It is also very important if you use it. Forget about maintenance, even the quality of the machine will suffer.

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