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Related introduction of permanent magnet variable frequency screw blower


The permanent magnet variable frequency screw blower has the advantages of high heating efficiency, more energy saving, wider pressure range, and good constant pressure effect, which can be more satisfied with the use of the site. The most important point is that the screw blower is water-free and oil-free, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. So what are his performance characteristics?


Performance characteristics of permanent magnet variable frequency screw blower:


1. Ensure sustainable operation: In harsh and dusty application environments, reliable compressed air supply is essential to ensure the continuity of production. The design, manufacturing and testing of the variable frequency screw blower meet the requirements of GB/T15487. The fully enclosed IP54 motor can ensure continuous operation in dusty and humid environments with good reliability.


2. Ensure production and save costs: In almost all applications, oil pollution in compressed air will cause serious production problems, thereby increasing costs. The frequency conversion screw blower sets a new standard in air purity, better protects some key applications, and meets today's increasingly high air quality requirements.


3. Easy to install and easy to use: the screw blower can be put into use once it is delivered. The complete supply range does not require any additional purchases by customers, which simplifies the installation process to a certain extent and saves you time and costs. The frequency conversion screw blower can be directly installed into the existing compression pipeline to start and run directly.


The permanent magnet variable frequency screw blower needs to be cleaned after a long time of use, and regular maintenance and cleaning can make the machine run better. So what should we pay attention to when cleaning the machine? The screw blower cleaning agent should be soapy water, diesel oil, clean gasoline, thinner water, etc. The cleaning agent should be selected according to the degree of dirt. Do not use a wire brush to clean the fuselage to avoid damage to the fuselage. During the cleaning process, it is necessary to pay attention not to disassemble and clean the part of the motor directly connected to the fan to prevent the mechanical failure of the motor from burning.

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