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What industries can use nitrogen compressors


The superior performance of the nitrogen compressor is well received and recognized by the majority of users. It has been used in various fields such as municipal sewage, cement building materials, thermal power generation, iron and steel metallurgy, textile printing and dyeing, leather and papermaking, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electronics, brewing and fermentation, and material transportation. Wide range of applications.


The working conditions of the industrial environment are often more complicated, with a wide range of air duct resistance, flow, and pressure, which requires high requirements for the stability, resistance to changes, and adaptability of the fan. Nitrogen compressor is a positive displacement gas power device, which is essentially a rotary piston machine, with inherently high working efficiency. What's more valuable is that its efficiency curve relative to pressure and flow is relatively flat. For the actual working conditions of users whose pressure and flow change in a large range, the actual overall operating efficiency of the nitrogen compressor is quite excellent, that is, it The average efficiency is higher.


In the industrial environment, a significant feature of many industries, such as the cement industry, metallurgical industry, and thermal power industry, is the large amount of dust in the air. The nitrogen compressor is equipped with an intake filter device, which can filter most of the dust. For the nitrogen compressor, there are gaps between the screw and the screw and between the screw and the cylinder, and the fine dust can be removed from the compression chamber of the screw blower. Pass through the gap smoothly without adverse effects. The increase in air intake resistance will affect the operating point of the fan, but because the characteristic curve of the screw blower is relatively flat, the operating efficiency will not change significantly. The speed of the twin-screw oil-free blower is low, the mechanical structure is firm, and the change of the operating point will not have a significant impact on the stability of the fan.

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