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What are the performance advantages of screw blowers


As a new environmentally friendly and energy-saving product, screw blower can be widely used in various industries such as sewage treatment industry, cement industry, chemical industry, power industry, steel industry, textile industry, pneumatic conveying, etc. It is the application field of national livelihood industry and market application. It has a wide range and large demand for use.


The screw blower is a relatively new product in the low-pressure product series. It is developed from oil-free screw compressor technology and optimized for low-pressure applications. Similar to screw compressors, screw fans combine male and female rotors, which rotate and reduce the available volume between them, which results in air compression. Generally, they can operate more economically under a wider range of requirements.


The blower has strong anti-pollution ability. In the production of coal mines and other mines, dust pollution is generally more serious. Although fans are generally equipped with air filters, it is inevitable that dirt will enter the high-pressure fan after long hours of work. The supercharged part of the screw fan is a set of mutually meshing screws. This structure has strong anti-pollution ability. Even if some dirt enters, it can still work normally without blocking the inlet and exhaust pipes. . This is well adapted to the mine environment.


Performance advantages of screw blower:


1. Advanced coating technology makes the rotor gap smaller, improves the volumetric efficiency, but also effectively protects the rotor and has a longer life;


2. Use brand bearings to ensure its reliability;


3. Unique lubrication and oil drain channels ensure that the bearings and gears are well lubricated and cooled, and at the same time improve the efficiency of the main engine;


4. The combination of labyrinth seal + carbon ring seal to achieve oil and gas isolation between the compression chamber and the lubrication chamber, ensuring that the air is 100% oil-free;


5. As the compressed gas has no oil lubrication, the whole system does not need oil and gas separation, and the structure is simpler.

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