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What are the pre-assembly and cleaning inspections of centrifugal fans


Today, the fan manufacturer will explain the content of the pre-assembly and cleaning inspection of the centrifugal fan, so that everyone can better understand the fan.

The following content, the editor will expand in the form of question and answer, which can make it easier for everyone to understand and master, grasp more firmly and thoroughly, thereby expanding their knowledge.

Question 1. What kind of cleaning and inspection should be done before the fan is assembled?

The cleaning and inspection before the fan assembly mainly includes:

1. The exposed parts of the equipment should be cleaned, including exposed processing surfaces, assembly mating surfaces, sliding surfaces and various pipelines, etc., to keep them clean and tidy.

2. The piping of the hydraulic pipeline and cooling system should be tested for tightness to check for leaks.

Question 2. What is the main work content of the cleaning and inspection of the centrifugal blower?

Answer: Clean and inspect the centrifugal blower. The main contents are:

1. All parts and auxiliary equipment should be cleaned first, and then anti-rust treatment is carried out to avoid corrosion.

2. All valves, safety valves and regulating devices on the gas pipeline must be cleaned. However, the safety valve must pass the tightness test, and the other two, if there is no special requirement, the tightness test is not required.

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