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Main technical parameters of nitrogen compressor


1. Medium composition: coalbed methane

2. Compressor model: 2VW-35/(1-3)-7 type

3. Structure: Double V type, water cooling, one-stage compression, oil-free lubrication, reciprocating piston type

4. Nominal volumetric flow m3/min: 35 (100000Nm³/d)

5. Suction pressure Mpa (G): 0.1-0.3

6. Exhaust pressure Mpa (G): 0.7

7. Inhalation temperature ℃: normal temperature

8. Exhaust temperature ℃: ≤140

Air temperature ℃: ≤60

9. Compressor speed r/min: 980

10. Transmission mode: direct coupling with elastic coupling

11. Cooling method: air cylinder, water cooling of filler and medium, inlet water temperature ≤32°C, inlet water pressure Mpa(G) 0.4, return water pressure Mpa(G): 0.2, return water temperature ≤40°C, turbidity: <50mgSiO2 /1, PH value: 8-10, fouling coefficient m2K/W: 0.0005m2.hK/Kcal, cooling water consumption m3/h: 12

12. Noise sound pressure level dB(A): ≤85

13. Vibration intensity mm/s: ≤28

14. Installation method: fixed installation

15. Lubrication method: crankshaft, connecting rod, crosshead: pressure lubrication

Cylinder and piston: no oil lubrication

16. Lubricant type: GB11118.1

The ambient temperature is higher than 5℃: hydraulic oil L-DAB150 (formerly No. 19 compressor oil)

The ambient temperature is below 5°C: hydraulic oil L-DAB100 (formerly No. 13 compressor oil)

17. Oil pump pressure: ≈0.15-0.60Mpa

18. Equipped with power: YBPT2400S-6 280kW 980r/min 380V dⅡBT4 B3 (double shaft head) IP54

19. Overall dimensions (length×width×height) mm: about 5500×2200×1800

20. Weight T: about 12

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