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Nitrogen compressor after-sales maintenance and quality assurance

11.1.1 Compressor shaft power: deviation is not more than +4%

11.1.2 Compressor volume flow: no negative deviation

11.1.3 Unit noise: measured according to GB2747≤85 dB(A)

11.1.4 Vibration of the fuselage: the vibration intensity meets the requirements of the GB/T7777-89 standard

11.1.5 Warranty period: The mechanical warranty period is 12 months after the commissioning is qualified, or 18 months after delivery, whichever comes first. When the product is damaged due to manufacturing quality problems or fails to work normally, the seller is responsible for free replacement or repair . The normal wear of vulnerable parts is not limited to this. After the warranty period, the two parties can sign a compressor equipment maintenance agreement, and the seller will regularly maintain and maintain the compressor equipment in accordance with the agreement. And provide accessories to users at preferential prices.

11.1.6 The buyer shall use the original accessories provided by the seller, and the buyer shall be responsible for the loss caused by the use of non-factory accessories.

After-sales technical service scope and commitment

In order to enable users to obtain high-quality products and excellent after-sales service, the seller puts forward a service commitment.

11.2.1 Responsibilities of service personnel:

a) The tasks of the factory's on-site service personnel mainly include expediting the delivery of equipment, unpacking inspection of goods, handling equipment quality problems, guiding installation and commissioning, participating in commissioning and performance acceptance tests.

b) Before installation and commissioning, the technical service personnel of the factory shall give the buyer a technical confession, explain and demonstrate the procedures and methods to be carried out. For important processes, the technical personnel of the factory must confirm and verify the construction status, otherwise the user cannot proceed to the next process.

c) On-site service personnel of the factory shall have full authority to deal with all technical and commercial issues that arise on site. If a quality problem occurs on site, the site personnel of the factory shall deal with it within the time specified by the buyer.

11.2.2 Training: In order to enable the normal installation and operation of the contract equipment, the manufacturer is responsible for providing corresponding technical training. The training content should be consistent with the project schedule.

11.2.3 On-site technical services

The purpose of the supplier's on-site service personnel is to make the equipment supplied safely and normally put into operation. The supplier must send qualified field service personnel. In the bidding stage, an on-site service schedule including the number of service man months shall be provided. If the number of person-months cannot meet the needs of the project, the supplier must add the number of person-months without incurring costs.

11.2.4 After-sales service commitment: The seller shall reply within 12 hours after receiving the buyer's request for on-site service.

11.2.5 The seller implements three guarantees for the products shipped out of the factory. If any quality problems occur during the quality guarantee period after the test and acceptance, the seller will be responsible for repairing and replacing the required parts in a timely manner.

11.2.6 Buyers are welcome to witness the products in the factory during product processing and assembly and test runs.

Delivery cycle: 120 working days from the date of advance payment.

11.4 Service life of wearing parts

Piston ring, support ring ≥5000 hours

Filling ≥5000 hours

Air valve, buffer film ≥5000 hours

Connecting rod ≥30000 hours

Cross head ≥30000 hours

Piston ≥30000 hours

Crankshaft ≥30000 hours

Piston rod ≥30000 hours

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