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Analysis of failure phenomenon of carbon dioxide compressor


There may be two reasons for a certain degree of pressure increase in carbon dioxide compressors:

1. The intake valve of the next stage or the exhaust valve of this stage leaks, and the gas leaks into the cylinder of this stage.

2. The exhaust valve, cooler and pipeline are dirty, blocking the passage.


1. Clean the intake valve and exhaust valve, check the valve plate and spring, and then repair the valve seat.

2. Clean the cooler and pipeline.

3. Check the piston ring, and then insert the lock positions into each other.

There may be three reasons for a certain level of pressure drop in a carbon dioxide compressor:

1. The intake valve leakage level.

2. Piston ring wear leakage and piston ring wear and failure at this stage.

3. The pipeline connection is not sealed, causing air leakage.


1. Clean the exhaust valve, check the valve spring and valve plate, and trim the valve seat plane.

2. The piston ring lock is not aligned and the piston ring is changed.

3. Tighten the joint or change the gasket.

There may be three reasons for the obvious drop in the displacement of the CO2 compressor:

1. Leakage of air valve and piston ring.

2. The gasket of the piping system is not compressed

3. The intake pipe is too strong or the air supply is lacking.


1. Check the air valve and piston ring, but stop the judgment based on the pressure of each level in advance.

2. Replace the damaged gasket and tighten the joint. 3. Check the gas supply pipeline and gas flow.

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