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Operating procedures and precautions when using ammonia compressor


(1) Accurately complete the valve operation on the pipeline; when opening the intake pipeline valve, it must be opened slowly to avoid excessive air flow, flushing the float up and closing the shut-off valve.

(2) Pay attention to the readings of the inlet and exhaust pressure gauges of the ammonia compressor;

(3) Check the compressor, pipelines, valves, etc. for leaks;

(4) Open the drain valve to drain the liquid, and then close the drain valve;

(5) Rotate the compressor flywheel and listen carefully for any abnormal noise inside the compressor.

(6) Start the compressor to run, and the compressor immediately delivers air. At this time, attention should be paid to whether the compressor's inlet and outlet pressure, temperature, sound, stability, and sealing are abnormal.

(7) Keep the lubricating oil level above the center line of the oil hole. If the oil level drops to the lower engraved line, it indicates that it is very dangerous. It will cause oil shortage in the movement and friction parts of the machine body, causing seizure, and causing serious damage to the compressor.

(8) When the ammonia compressor is running, its operating conditions should be monitored at any time, and its technical parameters should be within the following range:

a. Inlet temperature ≤40℃; b. Exhaust temperature ≤110℃; c. Inlet pressure ≤1.6MPa; d. Exhaust pressure (gauge difference) ≤2.4MPa; e. Inlet and exhaust pressure difference ≤1.5MPa ; f. Instantaneous maximum pressure ratio ≤ 6; g. The opening pressure of the safety valve (gauge pressure) 2.65MPa.

(9) During the operation of the compressor, check the compressor, pipelines, valves, etc. for leaks at any time. No leakage is allowed in the compressor room.

(10) Before using the compressor in winter, if the open-air pipeline is not insulated, part of the gas in the gas phase pipe may condense into liquid, so open the drain valve to drain the liquid and drain the condensate in the pipeline. In order to prevent the liquid from entering the gas-liquid separator, the compressor will stop automatically.

(11) Observe whether the amount of gas leaking from the Φ7 plastic pipe is normal. If there is a large amount, it means that the packing is not well sealed and the compressor needs to be overhauled. Please refer to Chapter 6 Maintenance and Maintenance Section 2 Monthly Maintenance Inspection Method Article e .

(12) Fill in the operation record of the ammonia compressor.

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