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Reasons why oil-free screw compressors cannot start


I have been in the compressor industry for 3 years, and I can be regarded as a professional compressor technician. Many times when I receive calls from customers, their responses are very anxious. From the customer's point of view, mechanical failure is really a headache. It not only affects the work progress, but also requires a certain amount of manpower and material resources.

In fact, there are times when there are mechanical failures that we can judge ourselves first. Take as an example the failure of an oil-free screw compressor to start. The reasons for this phenomenon can be divided into external and internal factors, that is, the failure of external conditions and the failure of the compressor itself.

1. Power supply problems: power failure, phase lack of voltage, and low voltage are all reasons why the compressor cannot start normally. First, the customer should check whether the fuse is blown, whether the circuit is in good contact, whether the power supply lacks phase, whether the voltage is too low, and other related factors, and found that they are all normal. Then external factors can basically be eliminated.

2. The problems of the oil-free screw compressor itself: including the malfunction of the compressor's starting electrical appliances and the poor contact of the start button. After one by one inspection, it was found that the start button was somewhat loose, resulting in poor contact.

3. Whether the main motor and fan are overloaded: If it is overloaded, reset it, the compressor can start again, and the main motor and main engine bearings are blocked due to overload.

Through the above cases, we can know that there are many faults that can be found and resolved as long as they are careful and easy. In the usual process of using screw compressors, as a user, you must also learn to observe carefully and accumulate experience, so you can also become an excellent compressor technician.

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