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Application of energy-saving pipeline in air compressor

Many users easily ignore the pipeline problem when doing energy-saving renovation of the air compressor. In fact, whether the pipeline is good or not will directly affect the exhaust situation of the air compressor. , What benefits can energy-saving pipes bring to the use of air compressors? Today I will explain to you.


1. The inner layer of the air pipeline system is anodized, and the inner wall forms a very smooth and dense protective layer. The outer wall is sprayed with special material dry powder (the effect of pipeline varnish belongs to MO level), so that the inside and outside are never corroded, and it has strong acid and alkali resistance.

2. The inner and outer layers of seamless steel pipes are easily corroded, especially in acidic and alkaline environments, as well as local damage or joints.

energy saving

1. The inner wall of the air pipeline system is smooth, the connection between the pipes has no pipe shrinkage, resulting in a very low pressure drop. The special connection seal and the non-corrosiveness of the pipeline lead to no leakage. These characteristics also prevent the pipeline system from increasing due to time. while changing the pressure loss.

2. The inner wall of the seamless steel pipe (traditional pipeline) is rough, and the connection is welded or tapped, which is not only prone to pressure drop and leakage at the connection, but also more prone to corrosion at the damaged part. With the increase of time, the inner diameter is more likely to become smaller due to corrosion. The pressure drop becomes larger and the leakage increases.

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