2022-08-16 13:19:24

Air compressor lubricating oil quality appraisal skills

Air compressor lubricating oil is the main consumable of air compressor equipment. Since air compressor lubricating oil needs to be replaced frequently, it is also a lot of expenses for many small enterprises. Many enterprises do not change lubricating oil in order to save money. Or replace some low-priced lubricating oil, which will cause certain damage to the product, so it is better to choose a regular brand of lubricating oil. Of course, different equipment has different requirements for lubricating oil. It is not that the more expensive the lubricating oil, the better. Today, I will teach you some skills to distinguish the quality of lubricating oil.

1. Test the viscosity of the oil by hand

The lubricating performance of air compressor oil is related to the viscosity of air compressor oil. It is usually said that there is no viscosity or the viscosity has decreased, which means that the lubricating performance of the air compressor oil has deteriorated. After the lubricating performance of the air compressor oil is reduced, an oil film with sufficient strength cannot be formed, and the adhesion or adhesion is correspondingly deteriorated. And then can not play a good lubricating effect. Rub the thumb and index finger with the air compressor oil against each other. If there is a sticky feeling, it can be concluded that the air compressor oil has good lubricating performance. If there is a feeling of astringency, it can be concluded that this air compressor oil has lost its proper lubricating performance.

2. Use a test tube to heat it to see if there is water vapor

Put the air compressor oil into the test tube and observe its transparency. If it is not clear and transparent; it can be preliminarily determined that the air compressor oil contains moisture. Pour the oil to be tested into a test tube and heat it on an alcohol lamp. If bubbles appear, the amount of oil is two-thirds of the volume of the test tube, and the mouth of the test tube is sealed with cork and wax. At the same time, there is a "pop" sound, and there are water droplets condensed on the wall of the test tube above the oil surface, which means that there is water in the oil.

3. Compare the test tube to see the bubbles

The air compressor oil that meets the quality standard after testing is installed in the test tube, leaving a space of about 5 mm in height. Put the air compressor oil to be tested in another test tube, seal it with cork and wax, do not fill it up. The size of the test tube and the amount of oil used should be the same as the previous test tube, and it should also be sealed with cork and wax. If the bubbles rise faster than the standard air compressor oil, the viscosity of the oil is low. On the contrary, the viscosity is high.