2022-08-23 13:26:52

How to choose the matching hose of the air compressor

The air compressor system is a whole system, which includes a variety of equipment and pipelines. Many times people ignore the problem of pipelines. In fact, the pipelines play a vital role in the normal operation of the entire system. In many cases, the exhaust volume The deficiencies are all caused by pipe sealing problems. Some pipelines are unreasonable in design, and are prone to blockage in long-term use. Today, Xiaobian will show you how to choose an air compressor hose.

(1) Increase the hose length as much as possible! In order to save space in the machine, many compressor manufacturers artificially reduce the length of the hose in the design. In order to save costs, I do not know that this will cause the hidden danger of damage to the life of the hose when the machine runs in the future!

Design according to the following principles:

1. The length of stainless steel metal hose is Φ10-25 or not less than 200mm,

2. Φ25-64 should not be shorter than 350mm, flange connection can be 400mm

3. Above Φ64 not less than 800mm

Rubber hose Φ10-25 can be designed according to 400MM, above Φ32 can be not less than 15CM

(2) Selection points of metal hoses and rubber hoses:

Ordinary air compressors can arbitrarily choose metal hoses and rubber hoses. Relatively speaking, stainless steel metal hoses have higher temperature resistance, and there is no problem in operating at relatively high temperatures. Choosing stainless steel metal hoses can improve the machine The brand advantage is very helpful, but it does not have much advantage for the medium and high pressure piston machines with excessive pressure, because the stainless steel metal hose cannot withstand too much pressure.