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What is an Oil-Free Air Compressor?

What is an Oil-Free Air Compressor?

Oil-free air compressors help manufacturers create products with high air quality throughout the manufacturing process. This equipment typically has no mechanical contact inside the compression chamber, or it uses an alternate material like water or Teflon coating to protect the internal mechanisms without depending on oil lubrication. Oil-free air compressors can provide air purity, environmental benefits and significant cost savings for manufacturers.

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Benefits of Oil-Free Air Compressors

Oil-free air compressors come with several benefits that can boost your production:

Eliminate product contamination: 

In many industries, cleanliness standards are mandatory for quality production. Oil-free air compressor technology eliminates the possibility of oil compromising food, pharmaceutical or electronic products.

Low cost: 

Oil-free compressors typically cost less than their traditional counterparts and often have a long life because of a limited number of components that can break down.

Low maintenance: 

Traditional oil compressors require routine oil changes and oil disposal. It’s also necessary to remove oil aerosols, which require filtration and air separator elements. Oil-free air compressors eliminate these time- and money-consuming repetitive tasks.


Oil-free air compressors can also lower your carbon footprint because they don’t release oil contaminants into the air.

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Application industry

Oil-free compressed air is a powerful production method for companies that need to create products with air purity and product safety in mind. Oil-free compressors always meet the ISO Class Zero certification for 100% oil-free air supply for sensitive applications. A few examples of industry applications include:

Automotive: Oil-free compressed air creates high-quality vehicle paint finishes with smooth processes.

Food and beverage: Oil-free methods create healthier food products while also eliminating any possibility of oil contamination.

Chemical: The chemical industry benefits from oil-free air compressors because these machines improve purity, reduce waste and increase safety.

Electronics: Oil-free methods are crucial to electronics because they provide an uninterrupted control system in ultra-clean conditions for producing delicate equipment like motherboards.

Pharmaceuticals: Oil-free air compressors reduce the risk of oil contamination in medicinal products and help improve production with high efficiency.

When you want to create products while working in an environment where oil contamination can lead to damaged equipment or cause costly spoilage and recalls, the oil-free air compressor is the perfect solution to reach the highest standards of air purity.