China Two Stage Diesel Driven Screw Air Compressor for Sandblasting

Rocky diesel relocation machine can meet the requirements of overload use, and can withstand the worst on-site environment. At the same time, it can also reduce fuel consumption, thereby greatly reduc

  • Working Pressure:7~30[ bar ]102~435[ psig ]
  • Free Air Delivery:124~1236[ cfm ]3.5~35 [ m3/min ]
  • Working Power:26.8~429[ kw ]35.7~572[ hp ]

Product Details

Rocky diesel relocation machine can meet the requirements of overload use, and can withstand the worst on-site environment. At the same time, it can also reduce fuel consumption, thereby greatly reducing operating costs. With wheel design, it is easy to move and maintain, and is widely used in drilling, mining, road repair, engineering rescue and other industries.


Diesel Screw Air Compressor Product Feature

Powerful doesn't necessarily mean heavy: the RKY/RKYII is exceptionally easy to manoeuvre and transport. Moreover, its larger diesel fuel capacity ensures that the compressor has more than enough power available to last an entire work shift.

Separate air filters for engine and compressor
The air filters are specifically tailored to suit required air demand and therefore ensure dependable system operation. Afurther important design detail is the electric fuel pump, which enables quick and simple deaeration of the diesel lines, thereby eliminating the need for labour-intensive manual pumping.

Optional diesel engine
Flexible diesel engine to meet the different operating environment and conditions of operation, general maintenance, regard less of the location of the compressor, customers can find a suitable supplier of parts.

Simple to operate
Operation is made simple via user-friendly icons and a single start switch with pre-heat function. The unit also features fully automatic monitoring and shutdown in case of malfunction, whilst a pressure gauge and airend temperature display enable all information to be viewed at a glance.

Silent Environment
Silent case design, even in the noisy city can maintain a good noise level, to avoid noise caused by environmental pollution.

High temperature design
The equipment can operate well at ambient temperatures up to 50°C.

Application industry

Diesel mobile screw air compressors are widely used in mining, well digging, road repair, bridge erection, engineering construction and other industries.

Technical Parameters

Rocky Portable Diesel Driven Screw Air Compressors (RKY Single-stage)
Volume flow (m³/min)3.556.0510101212.5141516182123
Working pressure(Barg)7771012714141517171014
Fuel tank volume(L)4570100140160160160160280280280360360
Maximum ambient temperature(℃)50505050505050505050505050
Compression stage1111111111111
Engine model3TNV88WP3.2G50E347WP3.2G61E317QSB3.9-C130QSB3.9-C130QSB3.9-C125QSB5.9-C180QSB5.9-C210QSB6.7-C240QSB6.7-C240QSC8.3-C260QSB6.7-C240QSL8.9-C325
Engine power(KW)26.836.845979793132154178194194178242
Maximum engine speed(Rpm)3000250025002200250023002000220020002200240020002100
Minimum engine speed(Rpm)1800175017501500150015001500150015001500150015001500
Wheels Qty2222222244444
Noise level(dB)75±375±375±380±380±380±385±385±385±385±388±388±388±3
Overall weight (kg)880120015501820184018602020222027502780291028403020
Air outlet (inch)2*G3/4G1,G3/4G1-1/4,*G1G1-1/2, 2*G1-1/4G1-1/2, 2*G1-1/4G1-1/2, 3*G1-1/4

Rocky Portable Diesel Driven Screw Air Compressors (RKYII Two-stage)
Volume flow (m³/min)273018343025253031.33534
Working pressure(Barg)121025912182025202530
Fuel tank volume(L)420420420480480480480760760840840
Maximum ambient temperature(℃)5050505050505050505050
Compression stage22222222222
Engine modelQSL8.9-C325QSL8.9-C325QSL8.9-C325QSL8.9-C360QSL8.9-C360QSL8.9-C360QSL8.9-C360QSZ13-C525SZ13-C475QSZ13-C575QSZ13-C575
Engine power(KW)242242242264264264264391354429429
Maximum engine speed(Rpm)21002100210021002100210021001900190019001900
Minimum engine speed(Rpm)15001500150015001500150015001400140014001400
Wheels Qty44444444444
Noise level(dB)88±388±388±388±388±388±388±388±388±388±388±3
Overall weight (kg)48005150531055005500561052305080508075207560
Air outlet (inch)5 pcs in total (2*G1-1/2, 2*G1-1/4, 1*G1)5 pcs in total (2*G1-1/2, 3*G1-1/4)5 pcs in total (2*G1-1/2, 3*G1-1/4)5 pcs in total (2*G1-1/2, 2*G1-1/4, 1*G1)