75HP Oilless Industrial Silent Medical Dry Oil Free Air Compressor

The air quality of dry oil-free air compressor complies with the requirement of Class 0 in terms of total oil content, as defined in ISO 8573-1.

  • Working Pressure:7~10[ bar ]102~145[ psig ]
  • Free Air Delivery:131~1853[ cfm ]3.7~52.5[ m3/min ]
  • Working Power:45~315[ kw ]60~420[ hp ]

Product Details

The air quality of dry oil-free air compressor complies with the requirement of Class 0 in terms of total oil  content, as defined in ISO 8573-1.


Dry Oil Free Compressor Product Feature 

1.Industry-leading air end, imported brand, quality assurance.
2. IE4 motor, save your electricity cost, IP54, B-level temperature rise is suitable for harsh environments such as large dust and high temperature;
3.Multiple noise reduction design, calculated according to noise theory, with special flame retardant muffler cotton inside, to reduce the noise of the unit and provide a quieter environment for use.
4.Independent air inlet, reduce intake resistance, multi-function intake valve group, start without load, motor load is small. Use high-efficiency filters to effectively filter particulates in the air;
5.Centrifugal fan with plate-fin cooler has high wind pressure, low noise, external independent suction, exhaust air upward through a specially designed air duct to prevent hot air from returning; cooler modular design, vertical installation, effectively eliminate thermal stress , More stable operation and long service life;
6.Optimized shock absorption pad to reduce vibration and noise.

Dry Oil Free Compressor Application Industry

Dry oil-free screw air compressor is widely used in Food, Medicine, Electronics, Chemicals, Semiconductor Printings, Precision Spraying and other industries.

Technical Parameters

Dry Oil-free Screw Air Compressor RDO Series
ModelAir Delivery (m3/min)Powe
Dimension (mm)  Weight
RDO-45A/W4.5-7.84.0-6.83.7-6.445 69±3DN502200*1400*20002200*1500*17202650 2700 
RDO-55A/W5.7-9.85.2-9.04.4-7.855 69±3DN502200*1400*20002200*1500*17202850 2900 
RDO-75A/W7.6-13.07.2-12.26.6-11.275 70±3DN502200*1400*20002200*1500*17202950 2900 
RDO-90A/W9.6-16.08.1-13.87.6-13.190 71±3DN502200*1400*20002200*1500*17203000 2950 
RDO-110A/W12.1-20.611.6-19.511.1-18.8110 71±3DN653000*1990*21802800*1900*19903500 3550 
RDO-132A/W14.7-24.813.6-23.011.5-19.5132 73±3DN653000*1990*21802800*1900*19903550 3600 
RDO-160A/W16.9-28.515.6-26.314.1-23.8160 73±3DN653000*1990*21802800*1900*19903650 3750 
RDO-185A/W19.5-32.817.1-28.916.3-27.5185 74±3DN653000*1990*21802800*1900*19904100 4200 
RDO-200A/W21.8-36.820.4-34.618.1-30.6200 74±3DN1004500*2000*21003100*2100*20655100 4500 
RDO-220A/W24.9-41.522.4-37.319.8-33.0220 74±3DN1004500*2000*21003100*2100*20655600 5000 
RDO-250A/W27.3-46.025.3-42.822.7-38.2250 74±3DN1004500*2000*21003100*2100*20655700 5200 
RDO-280A/W31.6-48.630.9-47.529.3-45.0280 76±3DN1004500*2000*21003100*2100*20655800 5300 
RDO-315A/W34.1-52.532.9-50.631.5-48.5315 77±3DN1004500*2000*21003100*2100*20656000 5400 

Note: means air cooling, " means water cooling.