Industrial Silent Dry Oil Free Oilless Screw Type Air Compressor RDO-55A/W

The air quality of dry oil-free air compressor complies with the requirement of Class 0 in terms of total oil content, as defined in ISO 8573-1.

  • Working Pressure:7~10[ bar ]102~145[ psig ]
  • Free Air Delivery:131~1853[ cfm ]3.7~52.5[ m3/min ]
  • Working Power:45~315[ kw ]60~420[ hp ]

Product Details

The air quality of dry oil-free air compressor complies with the requirement of Class 0 in terms of total oil  content, as defined in ISO 8573-1.


Dry Oil Free Compressor Product Feature

1.Original German Air-end with  World Well-know Screw Technology.

Adopt original German air end with high durability  and good quality, which is perfect for compressing pure and clean air.

2. New Noise Reduction Design - Venturi Tube Muffler

The first and second stage of the air-end all adopt the  newly developed venturi muffler, and there is also an  impedance integrated muffler, which can greatly eliminate the noise emitted by the compressor pipeline.

3. IE4 motor, save your electricity cost, IP54, B-level temperature rise is suitable for harsh environments such as large dust and high temperature.
4. Multiple noise reduction design, calculated according to noise theory, with special flame retardant muffler cotton inside, to reduce the noise of the unit and provide a quieter environment for use.
5. Independent air inlet, reduce intake resistance, multi-function intake valve group, start without load, motor load is small. Use high-efficiency filters to effectively filter particulates in the air.
6. Centrifugal fan with plate-fin cooler has high wind pressure, low noise, external independent suction, exhaust air upward through a specially designed air duct to prevent hot air from returning; cooler modular design, vertical installation, effectively eliminate thermal stress , More stable operation and long service life.
7. Optimized shock absorption pad to reduce vibration and noise.

Technical Parameters

Dry Oil-free Screw Air Compressor RDO Series
ModelAir Delivery (m3/min)Powe
Dimension (mm)  Weight
RDO-45A/W4.5-7.84.0-6.83.7-6.445 69±3DN502200*1400*20002200*1500*17202650 2700 
RDO-55A/W5.7-9.85.2-9.04.4-7.855 69±3DN502200*1400*20002200*1500*17202850 2900 
RDO-75A/W7.6-13.07.2-12.26.6-11.275 70±3DN502200*1400*20002200*1500*17202950 2900 
RDO-90A/W9.6-16.08.1-13.87.6-13.190 71±3DN502200*1400*20002200*1500*17203000 2950 
RDO-110A/W12.1-20.611.6-19.511.1-18.8110 71±3DN653000*1990*21802800*1900*19903500 3550 
RDO-132A/W14.7-24.813.6-23.011.5-19.5132 73±3DN653000*1990*21802800*1900*19903550 3600 
RDO-160A/W16.9-28.515.6-26.314.1-23.8160 73±3DN653000*1990*21802800*1900*19903650 3750 
RDO-185A/W19.5-32.817.1-28.916.3-27.5185 74±3DN653000*1990*21802800*1900*19904100 4200 
RDO-200A/W21.8-36.820.4-34.618.1-30.6200 74±3DN1004500*2000*21003100*2100*20655100 4500 
RDO-220A/W24.9-41.522.4-37.319.8-33.0220 74±3DN1004500*2000*21003100*2100*20655600 5000 
RDO-250A/W27.3-46.025.3-42.822.7-38.2250 74±3DN1004500*2000*21003100*2100*20655700 5200 
RDO-280A/W31.6-48.630.9-47.529.3-45.0280 76±3DN1004500*2000*21003100*2100*20655800 5300 
RDO-315A/W34.1-52.532.9-50.631.5-48.5315 77±3DN1004500*2000*21003100*2100*20656000 5400 

Note: " A " means air cooling, " W " means water cooling.