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ZONCN Variable Frequency Inverter Z2400-11GY 380V for 11kW 15HP Screw Air Compressor

Product Description

·Open loop vector control, V/F control

·Super overload capacity, rated current 150% / 60s, rated current 180% / 3s

·Excellent performance and strong adaptability to the environment

·Simple structure, small size, easy to install

·Economic high-performance vector frequency converter, the torque output of colleges and universities can ensure the smooth start of the motor under heavy load conditions

·It has instantaneous shutdown, non-stop and fast current limiting functions, which can reduce the possibility of frequent fault alarms of the inverter

·Perfect protection function, with output phase loss protection, overcurrent/overvoltage overload/overheat protection and other functions

·Support permanent magnet synchronous motor control (Z2000T series)

·Power range: 220V: 0.4~7.5kW 380V: 0.75~280kW







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Water Lubricating Oil-free Screw Air Compressor


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